And we’re back!!

Sorry for the extended vacation – but it has been crazy busy being the coolest dog in Welly!

I promise to post more regularly from now on…even if it’s just to share pics of my furry mates from around the globe.

Hope it’s all been good in your respective hoods…

Bristol the Wonderdog


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I wasn’t the only cute animal to be photographed this year

I know I come down on the photogenic side of the ledger, but apparently I’m not the only one.

The Guardian has published its annual round-up of cute animals. I’m notably absent but thought it was only fair to let someone else have a turn…

Click here to read.

A dormouse sees the funny side in Italy

Tree frog uses leaf as umbrella in Jember, East Java

Dachshunds sit in their positions for the performance installation Dachshun

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All hail the social media star

I am soooo Gen Z/Gen Next/Gen Tech/Digital Native.

Not only do I manage my own blog, I now also have a FB presence, thanks to Catherine over at Sparkles the Dog. Check me out here. Thanks to Dad for the great photo too.

I am surfing this digital wave all the way to the beach…


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Wrong on SO many levels

It’s a bit pot, kettle, black for me to say, but these pics of my fellow species being dressed up for Halloween aren’t really to my taste. They did, however, make me laugh a little (click here for the full spectacle from the Guardian)…

A chihuahua is helped into a lobster costume at the Tompkins Square Hallowe A dog dressed as a turkey participates in the  23rd Annual Tompkins Square A dog dressed as a Zoltar fortune telling machine at the 23rd Annual Tompki

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Strike a Pose

Yes it’s been a while, but I’ve busy working out in preparation for my starring role as a model for the lovely Catherine at Sparkles the Dog.

When this cute bandana and onesie arrived in the post in the other day, with a request from Catherine to be snapped modelling her new range, what was a boy to do?

Check out these sick poses. Kate Moss has nothing on me….

IMG_4124 IMG_4253 IMG_4144 IMG_4241 IMG_4214 IMG_4227 IMG_4214IMG_4156


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Cupcakes and annoying puppies

So She insists we go to the City Market last Sunday to buy poncy cupcakes for the SPCA fundraiser.

Now I’m all for shelters; god knows I served my time in the Pound until She rescued me (a fact I’m never allowed to forget) but Holy Toledo, those puppies did my head in. Seriously, I know I’m awesome and they look up to me but why did they have to keep licking my ears? Chill out kids…and one day you too could be as cool as the Briz.   

20130825_100624 20130825_100629

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I’m like a 90s supermodel…

I won’t get out of bed for less than $10K a day.

And until I see that money, my warm bed ‘cave’ will do just fine, thank you very much.

Brizz the wonder dog


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And I’m back

I’m not sure where the last four months have gone but I do know that she wouldn’t let me near the laptop. Something about me having more followers than her…

Anyway, to quickly recap: summer finally headed to the airport, they went to Korea for work and then to Auckland and I had to break in two new sitters, and winter has arrived with a vengeance. There have been doggie play dates and new friends and lots of trips to the beach.

Today my mate Simba and I enjoyed a mud bath at the Town Belt; we cavorted and slid and splashed through puddles. She, of course, was most displeased about the mud that, despite, her vigorous rubbing, remained attached to my undercarriage. So into the shower I went. Later there was the hair-dryer and chocolate.

I think I forgive her – but don’t tell her that.

photo (20)photophoto (19)

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Look Ma, no hands!

Or feet. There are seemingly no end to my talents



Or my beauty…


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Do I look like a friggin cat?!

So She takes me to the vet today to be prodded and poked, have large syringes of nasty stuff pushed into my neck, and objects shoved up my bottom. Thank the lord these health checks only come around once a year.

But you want to know the worst indignity of all? That the vet decided to weigh me on the cat scale. Are you shitting me? And She laughed about it.

Well she’ll be laughing on the other side of her face when I throw up on her new carpet. Don’t think I will? Revenge will be mine…


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